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IPAC Condensate Separtors & Drain Traps

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Water Cooled After Coolers need Centrifugal Separators and Automatic Drain Traps for Optimal Performance.

- Cast Impellers
- Ideal for Compressed Air Pipeline Applications
- ASME Stamp Available upon Request
- Automatic Drain Traps for Large or Small Systems
- Heavy-Duty Construction
- Intragal part of Compressed Air Systems

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IPAC Separators
IPAC Separators and Traps
Cast Impellers
Efficiency up to 99%
Working Pressure up to 1000 PSI
  Horizontal or Veritcal Orientation
  Heavy Duty Construction

ASME Stamp upon Request

IPAC Automatic Drain Traps
IPAC Separators and Traps
Choice of Cast Aluminum, Iron, Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel Body Construction depending on Application
Upward Discharge Condensate to Prevent Valve Seat Clogging
Rugged Construction for Trouble-Free Operation
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